Up, Up And Away With Phoenix Helicopters

Phoenix Helicopter Academy
Three bay offices and waiting room
Offices, meeting and reception rooms, toilet facilities

When you're going up in the world, you need high quality accommodation to reflect your company values. Phoenix Helicopter Academy were captivated by the airy environment and excellent visibility provided by our Clearview Multimodule building system.

The academy needed to provide impressive reception and waiting areas for clients and their families, plus modern offices for their staff. This newly installed Clearview three bay has completely fulfilled all of their requirements, as the photo illustrates.

A key element for Phoenix was our ability to manufacture, deliver and install this modern suite of offices, plus meeting and waiting areas, all within just six weeks. Our friendly and professional office staff and installation team will also help you to lift your business environment in ways not even helicopters can!

If you're in the market for further accommodation, please call us for a quotation. We are sure that you will be delighted to see the excellent, adaptable solutions that our modern Clearview buildings can provide for you.

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