Southville Primary School

Southville Primary School
Additional classroom space
Open plan area, two toilets and an art room facility

Just to let you know that my staff and pupils are absolutely thrilled with the Clearview Modular Building you have supplied to us.We have utilised an unused area of the playground and turned it into a cost effective additional classroom area and my students were so surprised when they returned for the new school term to find this building had suddenly appeared. Thank you so much."

Person, 'Head teacher, Southville Primary School'

Original Enquiry

We were originally contacted by the bursar of Southville Primary School, who enquired about a small additional classroom area that was required for special needs pupils within their school. The modular building had to include two toilets, a sink and hot and cold water feeds for an art area and an open plan space. The building was to be sited in an unused area of the playground with as minimal distruption to the school as possible.

Our Solution

We evaluated the specific needs of the school and the number of students to be accommodated within the modular building. We proposed a new manufactured 47m2 Clearview Double Modular Building. We produced a layout diagram with an elevation drawing and submitted our full fixed quotation within a 24 hour period.

The head teacher of the school contacted us and asked for us to visit their school to inspect the proposed location, conduct a site survey and discuss the project in more detail. After receiving their other quotations, the head teacher decided to place an order with us due to our unique product, competitive quotation and professionalism in dealing with their enquiry.

The modular classroom was delivered six weeks later during the school holidays and installed onto relocatable foundations. The foundations were installed at 7am on the day of the delivery of the building and by 3pm, the building was safely installed and weather sealed. A further day was spent installing the steps, the bottom perimeter skirt and internal floor coverings. The building was successfully handed over to the complete satisfaction of the head teacher and the community.

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