Royal Ascot Racecourse

Royal Ascot
VIP Ticket Office
Open plan ticket office

Working with Portable Building Sales has been a pleasure, the whole process was made very easy, their attention to detail and willingness to listen to us was a massive help. Royal Ascot Racecourse.


Original Enquiry

We received an enquiry through our website. Royal Ascot Racecourse required a VIP ticket office, that also needed to be relocated twice a year to different locations within the grounds. The building needed to be aesthetically superior and in keeping with the standards of Royal Ascot and to their specific layout and design. Royal Ascot had also contacted the largest modular building companies in the UK with the same enquiry.

Our Solution

We designed a two section modular building in the Royal Ascot corporate colour scheme and added, by request, timber cladding to one elevation. The building was designed as a one way system with an entry, ticket collection point and exit to the racecouse.

The management of Royal Ascot concluded that our Clearview Modular Building not only looked the best and fitted their requirements, but was also cheaper than our competitors. They subsequently placed an order with us.

The building was manufactured and delivered within a 5 week period and completed on site two days later. We were also given the contract to move the building twice year to different locations within the Royal Ascot racecourse grounds.

So if you happen to be visiting the races at Royal Ascot, then you may just collect your tickets from a Clearview Modular Building.

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